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Daawo: Shirkada SOMTEL Oo Muqdisho Ku Soo Bandhigtay Adeegyada Saamiyada Shirkada.

Mulkiilaha Shirkada Dahabshiil Xaaji Maxamed Siciid Ducaale Oo Khudbad Dheer Ka Jeediyay Munaasibadii Saamilayda Somtel Somalia.      

November 4th, 2018 | Posted in Ciyaaraha,Current Affairs,Fikradaha/Opinions,FYI,News In English,Wararka | Read More »

Somaliland and the scramble for Suez: How old imperial powers are being sidelined in Gulf’s ‘Cold War’

Unprepossessing and isolated, situated on a coastal strip so scorched the Somali called it “the Burnt Land”, Berbera was rarely a destination of choice for foreigners. Perspiring British officials posted to the Somaliland Protectorate disparaged the town as “the armpit of Empire”. Yet foreigners came for centuries, drawn first by the frankincense and myrrh cultivated […]

September 6th, 2018 | Posted in Current Affairs,Fikradaha/Opinions,News In English,Wararka | Read More »

Ethiopia takes 19% stake in DP World Berbera Port

The Ethiopian government will acquire a 19% stake in DP World Berbera Port following the signing of an agreement with the terminal operator and Somaliland Port Authority. The deal comes just days after the neighbouring Djibouti government controversially took control of Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT), which DP World was the operator of, citing its poor […]

March 3rd, 2018 | Posted in Current Affairs | Read More »

Somaliland Wants To Make One Thing Clear: It Is NOT Somalia

Bronwyn Bruton, the director of programs and studies at the Africa Center at the Atlantic Council, says the international community has been uninterested in recognizing Somaliland as a new nation for several reasons. Somaliland’s Foreign Minister Saad Ali Shire is clearly frustrated. Somaliland is being hit by a regional food crisis that the U.N. has […]

October 5th, 2017 | Posted in Current Affairs | Read More »

Somaliland and the Death of Cash

After nearly three decades in the economic and political wilderness, Somaliland, the self-declared country that broke away from Somalia in 1991 at the start of its deadly civil war, remains unrecognized by the outside world. Nestled on the southern shore of the Gulf of Aden, this small fragment of Somali-inhabited territory boasts its own currency, […]

October 5th, 2017 | Posted in Current Affairs,News In English | Read More »

Somaliland secures record $442m foreign investment deal – CNN

The Somaliland government hopes the development will enable it to rival neighboring Djibouti as a point of entry for East African trade, and the project could also prove a much-needed economic boost. Read more

August 17th, 2017 | Posted in Current Affairs | Read More »

How One Woman Brought Life-Saving Maternity Care To Somaliland

Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on the mission of one woman in Somaliland. It’s part of his series Agents for Change. JUDY WOODRUFF: Next: bringing care to women in a country whose medical facilities, already scarce, were destroyed by years of civil war. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on the mission of […]

August 11th, 2017 | Posted in Current Affairs,Fikradaha/Opinions | Read More »

DP World Secures $442 Million Somaliland Port Concession

DP World has celebrated its US$442 million 30-year port concession for the management and development of a multi-purpose port project at Berbera, Republic of Somaliland, which started on March 2, 2017. DP World Berbera complements the company’s investment in Djibouti and will also serve land locked countries in the Horn of Africa. The investment will […]

May 12th, 2017 | Posted in Current Affairs,News In English | Read More »

Suicide bombs kill 28, wound dozens at Istanbul airport

STANBUL, June 28 (Reuters) – Three suicide bombers opened fire before blowing themselves up at the entrance to the main international airport in Istanbul on Tuesday, killing 28 people and wounding dozens more, the provincial governor said. Police fired shots to try to stop two of the attackers just before they reached a security checkpoint […]

June 28th, 2016 | Posted in Current Affairs,News In English | Read More »

Tababare Sare Jama Aden (Karaiin) oo Dambi Lagu Waayey

Tababaraha Caankaa ee caalamka ciyaaraha masaafada dhexe ayaa xorriyadiisi dib loogu celiyey ka dib isniintii hore lagu eedeeyey inuu ciyaartoydiisa uu ku isticmaalo dawooyinka mamnuucaa ee kor u qaada adkaysiga, iyo raandhiiska ciyaartoyga. Ku waas oo ah qaar ka mamnuuca dhamaan ciyaaryahanna ku tartama garoomada caalamigaa.   Haddaba maxaa keenay sababta Jama Aden loo bartilmaansaday? […]

June 27th, 2016 | Posted in Ciyaaraha,Current Affairs,Fikradaha/Opinions | Read More »

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