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Somaliland Wants To Make One Thing Clear: It Is NOT Somalia

Bronwyn Bruton, the director of programs and studies at the Africa Center at the Atlantic Council, says the international community has been uninterested in recognizing Somaliland as a new nation for several reasons. Somaliland’s Foreign Minister Saad Ali Shire is clearly frustrated. Somaliland is being hit by a regional food crisis that the U.N. has […]

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Somaliland and the Death of Cash

After nearly three decades in the economic and political wilderness, Somaliland, the self-declared country that broke away from Somalia in 1991 at the start of its deadly civil war, remains unrecognized by the outside world. Nestled on the southern shore of the Gulf of Aden, this small fragment of Somali-inhabited territory boasts its own currency, […]

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