Somaliland: Who? Where? Why?

Who?:Somaliland is a breakaway territory of Somalia. It is a democratic republic that fulfills nearly all the requirements of an independent nation. Here are some of Somaliland’s demographics:

Population: 3.5 million
Size: 68,000 square miles, roughly the same size as England and Wales
Languages: Somali, Arabic, English
Religion: Islam – Sunni
Life expectancy: Men, 48 years of age; Women, 51 years of age
Infant mortality rate: 12%


Where?: Somaliland is located in the Horn of Africa (East Africa). The region is bordered by Ethiopia in the south and west, Djibouti in the northwest, and Somalia (Puntland) in the east. The Gulf of Aden is located north of Somaliland.

Why?: After gaining independence from British rule in 1960, British Somaliland chose to join with the former Italian Somaliland as part of the vision for a greater Somalia. However, between 1988 and 1991 the military dictatorship led by Siad Barre committed massacres against the people of Somaliland, causing nearly all the population to flee, leaving much of the region in ruins. After the civil war ended in 1991, Somaliland withdrew from Somalia to gain its independence.


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